What Clothes Should You Wear in Bangkok?

Bangkok is one of the world’s hottest cities (in fact, based on the average temperature, it’s the hottest city in the world), making comfortable clothing an essential for any visitor. If you’re coming to Bangkok for the first time, packing the right clothes will help you avoid the city in any season without feeling too hot, sweaty and uncomfortable to see its best sights.

Bangkok has three seasons:

  • The cool season, which lasts from November until February
  • The hot season, which lasts from March until May
  • The wet season, which lasts from June until October

It’s worth noting that the “wet” season doesn’t mean continuous rain. Expect 2-3 hours of rain per day during the wet season, usually in the early evening and late afternoon. You’ll want to pack the same clothes for each season, but there are a few things you should know:

  • Even the “cool” season is quite warm, with temperatures of around 25-30°C during the daytime.
  • The temperature in Bangkok changes very little from day to night, so you’ll need some light, comfortable pajamas.
  • Bangkok is very sunny, so pack a hat and a pair of sunglasses if you plan on visiting temples and outdoor attractions.

As for what to pack, you’ll have the best experience by bringing the same type of clothes you’d wear during summer at home. Pack t-shirts, a button-down shirt or two, shorts and some comfortable sandals. For temples, pack a shirt that covers your shoulders and shoes that cover your toes, since the dress code is more formal in this kind of environment.

If you plan on visiting Bangkok’s skybars, bring a pair of jeans or slacks and leather shoes, as many of these establishments have strict dress codes for visitors.

In the south of Thailand, microfiber t-shirts like this Jockey shirt are a good choice, as they won’t absorb sweat like pure cotton. Many women use silicone nipple covers in the hot tropical climate of Thailand for improved comfort. Because of the humidity, any clothing that removes unnecessary layers is a plus.

Thailand is a hot country, and Bangkok is by some measures the world’s hottest city. Pack the right clothes and get used to wearing light, highly breathable outfits and you’ll have no problems with the heat, letting you spend your time exploring this fascinating city.